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Performance Comparison of PHP 8.2 vs PHP 8.1

Performance Comparison of PHP 8.2 vs PHP 8.1

This article presents a detailed comparison of the performance metrics between PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.1 across various CMSs and frameworks. The purpose is to provide insights for beginners looking to learn more, website developers, and system administrators considering an upgrade to PHP 8.2.

The performance data is based on benchmark tests conducted using the Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool in a controlled environment.

Performance Comparison

The following tables compare the performance of PHP 8.2 and PHP 8.1:

1. CMS Performance Comparison

CMS/FrameworkPHP 8.1 req/sPHP 8.2 req/sObservation
WordPress153158Slight Improvement
Joomla274265Slight Decrease
Craft CMS358354Slight Decrease
OpenCart151154Slight Improvement

2. Framework Performance Comparison

FrameworkPHP 8.1 req/sPHP 8.2 req/sObservation
Laravel611670Significant Boost
CodeIgniter11201180Noticeable Boost


The performance of PHP 8.2 varies across different CMSs and frameworks. In some cases, such as Laravel and Drupal, PHP 8.2 exhibits noticeable improvements. However, there are instances, like with Joomla and Craft CMS, where PHP 8.2 shows a slight decrease in performance. This data is crucial for making informed decisions about upgrading to PHP 8.2.

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