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Server Monitoring

Find your server's problems before your visitors do

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Rating: 4.5 | Reviews

Safeguard Your Server And Website Health Today

Our all-in-one, panel-agnostic solution for multi-server and multi-site management is the key to providing your customers with peace of mind and reliable resource monitoring.

  • 360 Monitoring is open-source and customizable, ensuring that all essential metrics and resources are properly monitored to suit your needs.

  • With 360 Monitoring, you can ensure optimal performance for your visitors, avoid downtime, and proactively address any potential issues.

*Get Alerts Via Your Favorite App: Be the first to know when your site is down or performing poorly!

Website Monitoring
Downtime Monitoring
Get instant alerts when your website is offline! Identify and respond to issues before your customers are negatively impacted and before you lose revenue!
SSL Monitoring
Get alerted about SSL/TLS certificate expirations and make sure that your visitors can always access your website securely.
Identify Broken Links
Find and fix broken links before they affect your search engine rankings and cause a poor customer experience.
Performance Monitoring
Make sure your website performs faster and ranks higher in search engine results! Check Time to First Byte (TTFB), DNS time, connection time, and total duration.
Port Monitoring
Check responsiveness of HTTP/S for web traffic, TCP for network connectivity issues or firewall blockages, and ICMP (ping) for availability.
Detect Missing Assets
Get alerts about missing files, missing resources, and JavaScript errors that can slow down page load times, cause visual inconsistencies, and degrade the user experience.
Geo Monitoring
Learn about location-specific problems in your websites. Ensure accessibility and performance from up to 26 different locations.
Keyword Monitoring
Monitor website sources for specific words and phrases (for example, “error” or “stock out”) and set up alerts for their presence or absence. store.threesixtymonitoring.websiteFeatures.i4c
Performance-Impacting Assets
Identify large files and libraries that impact your website's bounce rate, engagement, and conversions.

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Growing Projects

Servers - 1
Websites - 20
Time Intervals - 60 Seconds
Alerting - multi-channel
Data Retention - 30 Days
Full Site Check - Yes
Concurrent Crawls - 1
High-Priority Crawls - Yes
Recurring Scheduled Crawls
Crawl Depth (URLs) - 500


Big Workloads

Servers - 10
Websites - 200
Time Intervals - 60 Seconds
Alerting - multi-channel
Data Retention - 30 Days
Full Site Check - Yes
Concurrent Crawls - 3
High-Priority Crawls - Yes
Recurring Scheduled Crawls - Yes
Crawl Depth (URLs) - 1000


Monitoring at Scale

Servers - 100
Websites - 200
Time Intervals - 60 Seconds
Alerting - multi-channel
Data Retention - 30 Days
Full Site Check - Yes
Concurrent Crawls - 5
High-Priority Crawls - Yes
Recurring Scheduled Crawls - Yes
Crawl Depth (URLs) - 1500

Frequently Asked Questions

Clean, intuitive, and engaging

Server Monitoring runs regular scans and tracks the health of your server, including CPU, load times, network statistics, memory, disk usage, and more to help you find and resolve issues quickly.

Website Monitoring tests websites for uptime, performance, and overall function. It verifies that your site is up, running, and accessible for visitors. Website Monitoring results will let you resolve any issues with your site before they impact your business.

Performance Monitoring tools and processes check how well the system is running by monitoring system resources like CPU use, memory consumption, disk usage, input/output (I/O) performance, and network uptime. 360 Monitoring tracks all of these metrics to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

With SSL Monitoring, you can track your SSL certificates and plan ahead for expirations, ensuring seamless certificate management.

360 Monitoring supports English, German, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, and Russian.

All paid plans allow unlimited multi-channel alerts. Some carriers may charge additional fees for data use or SMS messages.

Full Site Check protects your online presence against errors. It crawls your entire website or online store and identifies dead links, broken images, JavaScript errors, and many more anomalies, helping avoid website issues.

Website Monitoring performs tests on your website at regular intervals (every 1, 5, or 10 minutes, depending on your plan). These tests detect problems with your website. When an issue is detected, 360 Monitoring sends an alert and records the issue for later analysis.

Performance Monitoring is crucial in identifying performance issues before they hurt your business. Its system resource findings also let you proactively plan for your future needs.

You can perform monitoring from anywhere in the world, with monitoring locations in Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time.

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Enjoy peace of mind, plans meticulously designed to cater to your needs and business goals.

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